Privacy Policy

This privacy statement is applicable to the website(s) of “Duca Del Cosma B.V.” (hereafter to be referred to as ‘Duca Del Cosma’) for visitors of its website. 

Duca Del Cosma may process Personal Data. Duca Del Cosma will be qualified as a Controller, as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Personal Data is every piece of information, or a collection of information, belonging to an individual or making an individual identifiable. The most common examples include name, address and phone number. 



The Duca Del Cosma website collects information when website users make use of contact forms or sign up for a Duca Del Cosma newsletter. This data is required to enable users to sign up to our services and for their questions to be followed up. The data we collect may consist of the following: name, function profile and email address. 

We also collect information regarding visitor activity on our website. This information consists of the following: IP-address, browser specifications, information regarding a visitor’s use of the website such as date, time and length of a visit, how they have accessed the website, the pages which have been visited and search results. Information is predominantly collected through automatic processes including cookies, outlined in our Cookie Policy. 

Duca Del Cosma may collect such data for website optimisation, to provide relevant user content, to obtain knowledge regarding necessary or excess content, to prevent website misuse or in order to settle a claim or dispute where necessary. 


Duca Del Cosma processes Personal Data following the placement of an order or the processing of a new customer identity profile. In the aforementioned cases, the following data is processed: name, address, email address, phone number, bank account number and sale history. These data are processed in order to execute sale agreements with the customer. Duca Del Cosmo must have the ability to invoice and deliver the products ordered, inform the client regarding their order, and settle claims or disputes where necessary. For legitimate business purposes, the client may receive email communications regarding Duca Del Cosma. At all times, the client is able to unsubscribe from such communications. 


Duca Del Cosma stores Personal Data for the duration of purposes for which data was collected, and/or for as long as the Data Subject makes use our services. As such, if the Data Subject has not used their client account during a period of 2 years, the inactive account will be deleted. When the objective use of data collection has terminated, Duca Del Cosma will assess whether we are required to store personal data by law, or in order to settle a claim or dispute. As required by law, Duca Del Cosma stores (personal) data related to financial administration, such as is generally the case for product orders, for a duration of 7 years. 


Duca Del Cosma uses the services of certain third parties. These third parties are contractually bound to Duca Del Cosma and, if required, Duca Del Cosma may hold Data Processing Agreements with these parties. Duca Del Cosma ensures that third parties are compliant with GDPR standards, and enters into binding agreements to reserve the right to enforce strict and clear requirements. Duca Del Cosma may transfer Personal Data to third parties if a user has given their explicit consent, or if Duca Del Cosma is required to transfer data for a) a claim or dispute resolution; b) compliance with legal obligations; or c) the requirement to act against misuse, unlawful or otherwise, of our website and/or property and/or services. All data collected by Duca Del Cosma is stored within the EEA.  


The Duca Del Cosma website makes use of the following cookies: 



Retention period

Google Analytics (_ga, _gat, _gid)

This is used to gain insight into how the website is used and collect masked IP addresses.

 2 years


Some cookies are considered functional cookies and are collected to optimise visitor experience. Functional cookies collect data such as web browser information, the system and software version a visitor is using, and other technical information. We are not required to obtain permission for such cookies. Duca Del Cosma makes further use of analytical cookies. Data collected through the use of analytical cookies (Google Analytics) is automatically masked to prevent data collection on an individual level. Masking involves anonymization of IP-addresses, preventing data tracing to individual users. As such, we are not required to obtain permission for the use of Google Analytics. 


Data Subjects reserve, at all times, the right to revoke the permission they have given for the processing of Personal Data. As such, to unsubscribe from newsletters, individuals can follow the link provided in newsletters or send an email to 

Data Subjects reserve the right to information regarding data collection, in addition to the right to access Personal Data collected. Furthermore, Data Subjects reserve the right to restrict processing of their Personal Data and may request the complete removal of their data. Data Subjects can send questions and requests regarding privacy to Duca Del Cosma will respond to such requests within the legal timeframe of one month. Duca Del Cosma will assess requests data removal requests, or requests for the restriction of Personal Data processing. Legitimate legal grounds by which Duca Del Cosma is allowed to process the Personal Data may prohibit the fulfillment of a Data Subject’s request. Data Subjects reserve the right file complaints with the Data Protection Authority.