EUrope vs. united states

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Italian Showdown | EU vs. USA

At Duca del Cosma, we understand the intense rivalry that lies at the heart of the year's most exciting golf battle, set in the heart of Rome. As the European and American teams vie for top honours, we celebrate the passion for golf and the spirit of competition that drives this event.

In the shadow of ancient Roman ruins, two continents come together for an unforgettable golf showdown. The atmosphere is steeped in rivalry and patriotism, where the 'EU' vs. 'USA' mentality is taken to the extreme. It's a unique occasion where sporting competition comes alive, and golf fans from both sides of the Atlantic unite.

Duca del Cosma takes pride in being active in both Europe and the United States, and we understand the passion that this rivalry brings. Our golf shoes, inspired by Italian heritage and designed for performance, are crafted to help you improve your game, no matter which side of the rivalry you support.

Step onto the fairway in style and comfort, contributing to the epic golf battle that grips Rome. Duca del Cosma brings Italian passion to this global competition, inviting you to be part of the story.

Discover our exclusive golf shoe collection and experience golf rivalry at its finest amid the beauty of Rome.