Duca del Cosma revolutionizes golf fashion and offers the perfect balance between design and technology for our golfers. Stylish, bold, classy, elegant, and sporty – Duca del Cosma styles bring a breath of fresh air to golf courses all over the world. Our cutting-edge footwear technology provides top comfort for all our customers. Shoes for on and off the golf course, with innovative cross-over fashion suitable for sports and business.


    To produce excellent shoes, Duca del Cosma only uses
    high-quality leather from the very best tanneries in Italy, soft linings, and outsoles from durable rubber compounds. At the heart of our designs lies a fusion of innovative materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Our shoes feature advanced waterproof membranes, shielding your feet from moisture while allowing airflow for optimal breathability, all without altering the leather's natural characteristics.

    Comprising an integral part of our brand is the wide range of advanced Airplay outsoles available; from our ultra lightweight, spikeless soles, offering better support, comfort and improved stability to our functional, spiked outsoles that enable optimal grip and the perfect stance. Incorporated into our sole designs are unique combinations of differently shaped traction nubs which, alongside the Softspikes Pulsar Golf (Fast Twist 3.0) system, serve to enhance traction and performance while delivering unrivalled choice when selecting the perfect golf shoe to suit your game.


Arneflex® is a high-density open-cell polyurethane foam with extraordinary breathability and absorption powers. It also eliminates thermal sensitivity and is antibacterial.

The benefits include:

  • Full ventilation as the material is 100% breathable, enabling the air to circulate;
  • Keeps your feet dry eliminating moisture through the incorporated absorption system;
  • Eliminates odours, neutralising germs with an antibacterial treatment;
  • Prevents fatigue thanks to its shock absorption;
  • Longer-lasting foam thanks to its memory.