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13 October 2023 3 min read

Maintaining Your Golf Shoes

Golf Shoe Care

Maintaining Your Golf Shoes: Maximizing Your Golfing Gear

Golf shoes are more than just a fashion statement on the golf course; they play a pivotal role in maintaining your stability, comfort, and grip during your swings. To ensure your golf shoes perform at their peak and last longer, it's essential to prioritize proper maintenance. In this blog, we'll delve into various aspects of golf shoe upkeep, ranging from laces to soles, the materials they're crafted from, and discuss the significance of waterproofing. We'll also draw a clear distinction between winter golf shoes and traditional golf shoes.



The laces of your golf shoes are vital for securing the right fit and offering necessary support. Routinely inspect them for signs of wear and tear. Should you observe your laces showing signs of wear, replace them to prevent any unforeseen breakage during a round. While golf shoe laces are typically durable, having a spare pair on hand can prove invaluable.



The soles of your golf shoes are the unsung heroes of your game, providing the essential grip required for a stable swing. Regularly examine the soles for indications of wear and tear, especially if you're an avid golfer. If you notice cleat wear, it's worth considering replacing the soles. The cost of sole replacement often translates into an enhanced grip and an extended shoe lifespan.



Leather remains a prevalent choice for golf shoe material due to its enduring quality and comfort. Nevertheless, leather necessitates vigilant care to remain in optimal condition. Consistently clean your leather shoes with a soft brush and apply leather conditioner to maintain their suppleness and avert drying and cracking. Ensure the conditioner is carefully worked into the leather for the best results.



Contemporary golf shoes are sometimes fashioned from microfiber, a lightweight and robust synthetic material. Microfiber is generally easier to clean than leather. A damp cloth suffices for cleaning microfiber golf shoes, followed by air drying. Nonetheless, it's advisable to adhere to the manufacturer's specific guidelines for microfiber shoe maintenance.


Waterproof Golf Shoes vs. Waterproof Spray

Golf shoes should exhibit resistance to moisture, particularly if you're playing in wet conditions. Certain golf shoes come equipped with waterproof membranes to keep water at bay - these are aptly referred to as waterproof golf shoes. Duca del Cosma offers a distinct line of waterproof golf shoes for both men and women. This means you can bid farewell to soggy golfing experiences! For golf shoes not naturally equipped with waterproofing, the application of a waterproof spray proves to be a viable solution. Periodically reapplying this treatment is advisable since its effectiveness may wane over time.


Distinguishing Winter Golf Shoes from Regular Golf Shoes

Winter golf shoes are thoughtfully designed to safeguard your feet from cold and damp weather. They typically feature added insulation and waterproof properties, promising comfort even in chilly conditions. In contrast, standard golf shoes are better suited for milder climates and may lack the same level of protection against cold and moisture.


In summary, nurturing your golf shoes is an essential component for enhancing your comfort and performance on the golf course. Be meticulous about the condition of your laces and soles, tenderly care for your leather or microfiber shoes, and prioritize waterproofing as needed. If you're planning to brave cold and wet conditions, contemplate investing in winter golf shoes. Through dedicated care and attention, your golf shoes will faithfully accompany you as you strive for that elusive perfect golf game.

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