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  1. Vinci Wit / Blauw New
    Vinci Wit / Blauw
    As low as €199.00
  2. Esti Aqua/Wit New
    Esti Aqua/Wit
    As low as €189.00
  3. Vogue Navy / Roze New
    Vogue Navy / Roze
    As low as €199.00
  4. Kubana Blauw / Zilver
    As low as €199.00
  5. Rhapsody Blauw Sparkling New
    Rhapsody Blauw Sparkling
    As low as €179.00
  6. Festiva Blauw New
    Festiva Blauw
    As low as €149.00
  7. Cypress Wit / Navy
    As low as €229.00
  8. Cypress Navy / Red
    As low as €229.00
  9. Isabel Navy
    As low as €189.00
  10. KLM Open Kubana Women Wit
    As low as €199.00
  11. KLM Open Westcliff Wit
    As low as €189.00
  12. Duca del Cosma KLM Open Donkerblauw
    As low as €111.76

12 Items

The art is in the attention to detail

It is our attention to detail that brings a unique, characteristic touch to the Duca del Cosma golf shoe collection. Meet our women collection for every-day use on every golf course around the world, for golf players at all levels of the game. 

Feeling good - Not just looking it

Masters of our craft. What would Duca del Cosma be without our unique, almost proverbial comfort. Function has always been a top priority for Duca del Cosma.