Who is your favourite golf pro and why? Let us know and you might both be winners!


Can you still remember the first ball you hit just right? The sound it made? How far away it landed? Most people have vivid memories of when they were introduced to the golf sport, even if it was many ‘moons’ ago. The combination of technique and tactics makes golf a sport that’s not that easy to learn. Having a teacher that sticks with you till you get that swing just right is invaluable when you take your first steps into golf.


Duca del Cosma honours the Golf Pros

To honour dedicated Golf Pros that are on the course every single day to teach beginners and improve the skills of more advanced golfers with incredible patience, Duca del Cosma is organizing the ‘Who is your favourite Golf Pro’ win campaign.  The campaign will be held on The Duca del Cosma Facebook and Instagram account.  Under a dedicated post where we ask you who your favourite golf pro is and why - contestants are asked to share the name of their favourite pro and to include a short story on why he or she deserves to be in the spotlight. Our jury will pick a winning story out of all contestants. The author of the winning message will receive a Duca del Cosma hoody and cap in a favourite color, the pro that is mentioned will receive the same prize! Official rules apply, you can find them HERE. The campaign will start on November 2nd 2018 and has a runtime of 15 days - it will end on November 16th at noon CET.

8 TIPS from the Duca del Cosma team for beginning golfers

We see ourselves as ambassadors of the golf sport. We know how important that first period is when you are just introduced into the game of golfing. if you have a positive experience in the very first weeks, work with a dedicated pro and get the hang of the technique, it makes all the difference. It’s encouraging to see a steady improvement in your swings and results - if that happens, the golf sport will rapidly grow on you! To increase the probability of you becoming a long-term and active golfer we are sharing 8 tips for beginning golfers:


1)     Take lessons and work with a pro/teacher that you like and trust. Someone that has the patience of a saint, the skills of a true pro player and a vast love for the golf sport. If it feels right, it usually is right! And remember this, that teacher is usually not your spouse or best friend. If you want to keep those relationships healthy, don’t go there.

2)     Be patient and practice. Golf is not an easy game. And as goes with all, practice makes perfect. Schedule a time to practice every week next to your regular golf lessons. Start your practice on the range. There’s no pressure, take your time. Use the mirrors, look at your posture and optimize your swing and chipping technique. Start with the short game: learn to putt and chip before trying to practice with the 3- and 4- long irons.

3)     People. Find a group of fun people that can take you along when you are allowed on the green. Having fun while playing the game is so important. This is your time off, enjoy it!

4)     Relax. Don’t feel bad if it takes you tons of times before you can finally putt that ball. It happens to all, that’s how you learn. It’s the journey that counts, not the final destination.

5)     Grip. Having the right grip is important. Pick-up your golf club a couple times throughout the day until that awkward grip feels totally natural and you don’t have to think about it anymore.

6)     Hips and knees. You should learn to bend from your hips. Also bend your knees to learn to swing properly.

7)     When you get the hang of it, try a course with a Par 3. This will help you to develop your game and to get a better feel of how the landscape impacts your game and it’s just so much more fun to play on the green!

8)     Wear comfortable gear. If you go out in the fall, come prepared. Read our 7 tips for playing your best round of golf when it rains. Allow yourself to buy a great pair of shoes. We have great waterproof shoes also in our Autumn/Winter 2018 collection for men and women, check them out.

Prado Cognac, a model from the women’s Autumn/Winter Collection 2018


We wish all golfers - and especially the ones that have just started - a lot of fun with improving their game. Remember that although it’s great to strive for improvement, first and foremost golf should be fun and relaxing. Happy Golfing everyone!


About Duca del Cosma

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