Golf shoe care instructions

How do I best maintain my golf shoes?

Golf shoes are your best friends on the golf course. They give you a good balance and stability during your swing. And you walk comfortably with them for four or more hours.
So it is more than fair to offer them some attention and spent a few moments to clean and maintain them. Just with a little maintaining, you can enjoy the benefits of Duca del Cosma Golf and Lifestyle shoes for years. 


First of all: Clean them regularly 

After every round of golf, you should remove all dirt and spots on your golf shoes. Just wait until sand, grass, dirt, and mud has dried naturally. Then take a dry and soft brush and just brush it off. On the textile overlays, you can brush a little stronger. If necessary take for all overlays a clean damp cloth and wipe away spots. If there are little scuff marks, cover them with a matching shoe polish. The outsole of a golf shoe is designed to provide stability on the course. So you remove any excess mud and dirt that may build up in between the nubs. You can use a brush or a tee to remove the dirt. Check regularly if there little stones between the traction nubs and remove them carefully. The linings used in Duca del Cosma products are made from a comfortable breathable material that requires little or no maintenance. Foot moisture is absorbed and the drying process is quick due to the breathability nature of the linings. But please never wash your golf shoes in the washing machine. Immersion and exposure to detergents can attack the stitching and bonding agents within the Duca del Cosma products.

Duca Autumn Winter golf shoe

Let them dry slowly

Sometimes it happens, that a rainshower surprises you on the golf course, while not wearing a waterproof golf shoe. No problem, after your golf round let them dry slowly at a normal room temperature. Place some crumbled newspaper pages inside for 8 to 10 hours. It will soak up all the excess moisture and bring back the uppers into their regular shape. Do not place the shoes into the direct sunlight, near to a heater or to a direct heat source like hair or hand dryer. In some of our products, we use antimicrobial linings to prevent odours. If your golf shoes do not have this amenity, just use some cedar shoe trees to help absorb excess sweat and moisture in your shoes. Duca del Cosma golf shoes with the waterproof Bootie System stays dry during your round of golf in the rain, but you should allow those shoes to dry slowly from sweat after your round.



Your trunk is not the perfect place to store your golf shoes. It is okay for an overnight stow but this is not an optimal spot for more than a day or so. Your trunk does not provide proper ventilation and this can cause a bacterial build-up and smell. You will need two things to store your golf shoe effective: A shoe bag and cedar shoe trees. All Duca del Cosma golf shoes come with a shoe bag. The shoe bag keeps your golf shoes safe between rounds and during transportation to the golf course. Consider a shoe bag with enough ventilation to prevent moisture and smell. The cedar shoe trees keep the form of your golf shoes, even if you store them for a month. To retain the shape and durability of your Duca del Cosma products ensure the laces are undone before the golf shoes are stored. 

 A proper cleaning and maintenance will allow your golf shoes to last longer and keep their form and structure. So well-maintained you will enjoy the benefits of Duca del Cosma golf shoes for years.