For the Golf Season Ahead, You Ought to Choose Red

20 fun facts on the Duca del Cosma’s signature colour: red

What we wear is a message to the world of who we think we are.

So if your opponent comes to the first tee wearing Duca del Cosma footwear, you may very well find yourself seeing red. Don’t bet on that player choosing to play conservatively. Red is bold, and it’s the signature color of the Duca del Cosma brand of designer golf and lifestyle shoes and apparel.


The colour red in the golf sport

What do we know of the color red in golf? Well, we know that red numbers on the scoreboard are always a good thing. We also know that a certain world-famous champion has as part of his signature look a Sunday outfit that always features red.


Red is probably the most patriotic color in the world. It’s a major component in the flag of the country of Duca’s heritage, Italy. It’s also found in the Dutch flag, where Duca now calls home, as well as the British, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese flags.

If you stare at the (Starwood Red) shoe long enough it might appear to move towards you, of course because you want it, but also because of another reason. Check out the 20 fun facts on the colour Red below.

Iconic Starwood Red Duca del Cosma shoe

Duca can go as red as you want. In fact, there’s no redder shoe than the designer’s Starwood Red model for men. Designed to meet the bold palate tastes of people today (think of a popular young touring golf pro who favors bright orange), this shoe offers comfortable, high-performing red leather both on the outside and inside in the upper, and keeps the color flowing through a vulcanized rubber outsole.


Red Duca’s for women

The Duca del Cosma lifestyle collection has a couple of slightly more demure options for women who are looking for a red accent to complete their outfits. Duca’s Alenda Red model is an ideal blend of golf style and sneaker comfort. Even stronger style territory is entered if you opt for Duca’s other red mainstay, the Vicuna Red. This is a shoe as much at home in a golf club after the round as it is on the streets of your favourite town.  It’s elegant and simple with smooth patent leather overlays and traditional lacing, but makes for a great overall presentation thanks to a raised white platform outsole accented by black trim along the bottom. 


Famous golfers, bold fashion choices

Look back at pictures of many of the greatest golf champions of all time in their biggest moments. What most of them have in common is that they weren’t afraid to stand out in their fashion choices, just like they weren’t afraid to step away from the pack when it came to winning the biggest titles in the sport. At Duca del Cosma we don’t shoo away from making bold choices for our collections.

So...Be bold. Play well. Choose Duca!

We’ll leave you with these 20 fun facts on the colour red:

  1. In India red is the colour of purity and marriage. Indian gods that wear red are able to destroy evil, they’re protective and powerful
  2. Women that wear red are seen as more attractive
  3. Red is the colour of love, but also the colour of Christmas and ‘Sinterklaas’
  4. Red is a favourite colour for Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Valentino, Vespa scooters, Coca Cola and many more bold brands
  5. When you are below par in golf, you are said to be in “red numbers.” 
  6. Red is the colour of your root - or basic - chakra. This chakra is believed to give you a feeling of self-confidence and makes you feel safe.
  7. Red is the colour of blood and therefore the colour of life
  8. The colour red stops traffic ;-)
  9. In Christian cultures red signifies suffering and martyrdom but also lust and love
  10. In the Chinese feng shui, the colour red is associated with the energy of fire. It brings happiness and luck. When people use red in their home decor is stands for luxury, luck and richness.
  11. Some say that when wearing red socks and shoes you are more grounded, just try it!
  12. Another fun fact, in Russian the words “beautiful” and “red” are translated similarly. To Russians it is the colour of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  13. For Hebrews it is a sacred colour and the colour of sin at the same time. 
  14. Cinnabar was used in Rome to make red even though it was pricey and more worrisome so: very poisonous! It was found on a mural in Pompeii. 
  15. In areas with higher temperatures the Henna bush flourishes. When you dry and ground it the plant provides a strong natural dye that is used to dye fabric, hair and to create the famous henna tattoos. 
  16. Red is not just one colour, there are many ‘shades of red.’ Research shows at least 445 reddish colours
  17. For women, it’s a great colour to wear when dating as it has been proven to attract the opposite sexe
  18. Second to yellow, red is the most visible colour, therefore fire engines are red
  19. Weird fact: “Red focuses behind the retina which forces the lens grows more convex to pull it forward.” Because of this is appears to us that red areas are moving forward.  
  20. About eight percent of males can’t see the colour red at all because of a green-red vision deficiency

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