7 tips for playing your best round of golf in the rain

Playing good golf is hard. Playing good golf in the rain is adding an extra layer of difficulty to a complex game. Rare is the player who knows their game so well that the challenges of falling rain and damp surfaces on equipment and clothing don’t impact their scoring ability. But just as advances in materials science have produced major gains in the last 15 years in the performance of clubs and balls, the gear to allow golfers to battle bad weather has similarly made important strides.

Playing golf in the rain: advice from the golf pros!

Duca del Cosma sought advice from the golf pros for their best tricks to playing golf in the rain.

1. Be prepared

The simplest things can undermine a round of golf, like not being ready for rain that is in the forecast. “'Always check the weather before you go to the golf course because if a rainy day is coming up, you had better be prepared to play in it,” says Bas Slungers, a rising pro currently competing on the Alps Tour. If it does start to rain heavily, even as he’s preparing equipment adjustments, Slungers tries to talk himself into accepting that every other player in the field is having to deal with the same conditions, so he tells himself not to try and force strategic choices that playing golf in the rain won’t allow for. 

2. Buy new rain gloves 

Literally, every pro we talked with in seeking advice on this topic mentioned the great advances that have been made in the playability of rain gloves. “Hands are by far the most important thing to keep dry,” says Mike Deiters, a teaching professional at Meadow Links & Golf Academy in Ohio. “Rain gloves really work well.” Fifteen years ago, very few players used rain gloves, which come in pairs and are meant to be worn together. Since then, the popularity of rain gloves has slowly climbed with numerous brands offering options, but many amateur players don’t use them and may not even be aware of what they can do for your game. The typical design is not leather, like regular golf gloves, but a synthetic material that absorbs rather than repels moisture. The effect works to keep non-slip contact intact between your hands, the gloves and your golf grips, reducing the anxiety golfers feel about the club slipping in your hands at the top of your swing or at impact. If your gloves are over 3 years old, you might want to replace them with an updated version.

3. Keep your feet dry

If keeping your hands dry while playing golf in the rain is the first priority, your feet are not far behind. After all, the next highest point of torque in a golf swing is the weight shift that relies on a solid swing base and minimal slippage on wet grass. Anthony Vaughn the director of golf at Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club in Alabama, says waterproof shoes are a must if you are going to be playing in the rain. “Grips on the bottom of the shoe are even more important than the waterproof component,” adds Vaughn. “Traction is at its greatest importance during wet conditions, so you should choose performance-based shoes.” Few manufacturers manage such a wide variety of stylish and comfortable waterproof shoe options as Duca del Cosma.  In the company’s recently rolled-out collections for the Autumn/Winter of 2018, the men’s line offers 28 waterproof options to choose from, while the women’s choices that are waterproof include 17 different designs.

KLM Open golf shoes  KLM Open Golf shoe light blue

Special model for the KLM Open

Particularly popular are the bright and stylish special KLM Open shoes for MEN and WOMEN that Duca del Cosma recently introduced, in conjunction with their status as official shoe and apparel sponsor of the European Tour event of the same name. As a variation on Duca’s most popular shoe, the Kuba, it offers a golfing choice that reflects the same shade of blue as the trademark light blue the event’s title sponsor is widely identified with. Bas Slungers wore waterproof Duca del Cosma shoes throughout his 2018 Alps Tour season and found “Even in the most extreme conditions when rounds were canceled halfway through because of heavy rain, I haven’t felt a single drop of water inside my shoe. They performed great, too, when surfaces were wet and slippery.”

4. Keep a dry towel at hand 

A simple but too-often overlooked necessity is keeping a dry towel or two on hand to battle the wet conditions. Matt Starr, the head professional at Ohio’s Meadow Links & Golf Academy, keeps towels hanging from the rungs of his umbrella when he plays in the rain. “Another overlooked item is what you should do after playing in the rain all day,” Starr adds. “Make sure you take all your clubs out of your bag and clean them, and if your bag got soaked, take everything out of the pockets, open them up and let the bag air out overnight.”

Rain golf jacket by Duca del Cosma

5. Waterproof pants and jackets 

Somewhere in one of those pockets of your bag should be your apparel contingencies for dealing with the rain. Waterproof pants and jackets, such as those that feature Gore-Tex fabrics, have been widely available for more than four decades. You also need to consider what kind of choice works best for you in keeping the rain off your head and face. While they may not be the most stylish choice, bucket-style hats are a good, practical option that golfer should consider.

DDC Umbrella

6. A little rain can mean big gains

When faced with playing golf in the consistent rain, don’t get so carried away with moisture prevention that it keeps you from playing your best when opportunities present themselves. Bas Slungers says, “If you dress in too many layers, it will affect your swing. When I play golf in the rain, I have a rain jacket that I wear only when walking and preparing for shots. When I’m hitting the shot, I want to be able to move freely, even if that means getting a little wet.” Slungers also advises golfers who use trolleys to attach umbrella holders to them, so they and their clubs can stay dry, without the inconvenience of having to tend to an umbrella for 18 holes.

Raindrops and golf

7. Get your zen on 

What is going on in your head is just as important as what is on it. That’s the rain advice from Mark Stillings, the director of golf at Kiva Dunes Golf and Beach Resort in Alabama. While he pointed out some of the same equipment options as we’ve already mentioned, his parting advice is a good way to wrap up this subject here: “Don’t be afraid to gear back your game, so you can keep a smooth and easy swing,” Stillings says. “Over-swinging is a natural tendency in the rain, just like it is in the wind. Take one more club than you might normally play for a distance and allow yourself to make easy and smooth contact with the ball.”

One of the great feelings that golf can produce for players is executing a difficult shot when you are having to adapt to challenges in front of you. Playing golf in the rain is no different. If you prepare and plan well and you can play with the confidence that you are ready for these conditions, you can turn rain into an edge for yourself over other players.

And above all remember this: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!

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