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  1. Five reasons you need to play ‘The Dutch’ at least once in your life!

    Five reasons you need to play ‘The Dutch’ at least once in your life!

    Although the game of golf is known as a Scottish creation, it also had a strong early influence from The Netherlands. If you want to understand how that storyline has come full circle, you need to experience one of Europe’s top modern course,The Dutch, for yourself. This year’s KLM Open was held at The Dutch, an outstanding course that was built according to the highest European standards. As a corporate sponsor of the KLM Open we hold dear memories of the event and The Dutch and therefore we are sharing some of that enthusiasm with you.

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  2. The people behind the brand

    The people behind the brand

    Meet Duca del Cosma’s Italian designer Baldovino Mattiazzo Revolutionizing Golf Shoe Fashion since 2004.

    Passion and creativity are the words that first come to mind when the name Baldovino Mattiazzo is mentioned. As the founder of the famous Italian golf shoe and apparel company Duca del Cosma, Mattiazzo has a flare for the contemporary and a boldness to go against the grain. His golf shoe designs are anything but traditional. Using only the finest materials, Duca Del Cosma shoes have been turning the golf fashion upside down since Mattiazzo founded the company in 2004.

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