New shoe collection 2018 for active golfers and lifestyle shoes for on and off the golf course.

The best of both worlds




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Duca del Cosma revolutionises golf fashion and offers the perfect design for the new generation of golfers. Stylish, bold, classy, elegant and sporty – Duca del Cosma styles bring a breath of fresh air to golf courses all over the world and our cutting-edge technology for shoes and clothes guarantees top comfort for our most demanding customers.

Sneakers for the golf course, innovative cross-over fashion suitable for sports and business: back in 2004, company founders Antje Elle-Mattiazzo and Baldovino Mattiazzo created a sensational first collection. Since then, year after year, the company has continued to receive design awards whilst continuously extending and developing its collection, always staying true to its convictions. We have developed shoes of a previously unknown lightness. The amazing technical comfort of our collections provides the basis for your perfect play and Baldovino Mattiazzo’s design has brought the elegance and light-heartedness of Italian dolce vita to the world’s golf courses.

Only a few years after the foundation of the company, Duca del Cosma has become a leading international player. The company has been growing continuously as more and more golfers all over the world rely on Duca del Cosma’s style and technology.


  • Got Golfers in Your Family? Get them the Perfect Present this Holiday Season

    Happy Holidays from the extended Duca del Cosma Team


    Finding the perfect Holiday gift for each of your family members and friends is getting harder year by year. With so many  items to choose from to give to your loved ones, settling on one is far from easy. You’re often left wondering if one is better than the other or are in doubt weather the receiver of the gift will truly love it. Regardless of the questions that plague your mind, one thing is for sure, choosing a present is a difficult task. 


    Do you have a golfer in the family? We’re here to help!

    The task of finding the right gift becomes

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  • The Dreams of a Golf Teen

    The Dreams of a Golf Teen

    Make way for Fiorella Ghaboli, the young golf talent from Germany

    Fiorella Ghaboli

    Fiorella practicing in colder temperatures wearing her Duca del Cosma Prado Black Waterproof boot.

    Fiorella Ghaboli

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  • 7 tips for playing your best round of golf in the rain

    7 tips for playing your best round of golf in the rain

    Duca del Cosma new golf shoe collection

    Playing good golf is hard. Playing good golf in the rain is adding an extra layer of difficulty to a complex game. Rare is the player who knows their game so well that the challenges of falling rain and damp surfaces on equipment and clothing don’t impact their scoring ability. But just as advances in materials science have produced major gains in the last 15 years in the performance of clubs and balls, the gear to allow golfers to battle bad weather has similarly made important strides.

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