The people behind the brand

Meet Duca del Cosma’s Italian designer Baldovino Mattiazzo Revolutionizing Golf Shoe Fashion since 2004.

Passion and creativity are the words that first come to mind when the name Baldovino Mattiazzo is mentioned. As the founder of the famous Italian golf shoe and apparel company Duca del Cosma, Mattiazzo has a flare for the contemporary and a boldness to go against the grain. His golf shoe designs are anything but traditional. Using only the finest materials, Duca Del Cosma shoes have been turning the golf fashion upside down since Mattiazzo founded the company in 2004.

Mattiazzo’s road to the golf fashion industry is a colorful and storied one. Born in Venice, he was constantly surrounded by creativity. From art to acting, his senses were stimulated from an early age. His career in fashion started in Munich as a garments pattern maker for the progressive rock band Be-Bop Deluxe. Realizing he had found his true passion, Mattiazo decided to enroll in the world-renown Sarteco Fashion School in Florence.  After graduating as a top student, Mattiazo had little trouble finding employment in Italy with several prominent fashion companies like Grido and Motion. Wanting to expand his horizons, Mattiazzo moved to London and took a job at Red or Dead but the salary barely allowed him to pay his bills. Upon moving back to Germany, he went to work for two different theater companies where he was charged with collaborating with artists and stage managers to design costumes which he enjoyed tremendously. After a stint as a designer with Smart Design Munich, his last job was at Artis where he was the Head of Design for Fashion Garments and Accessories.

For the next seven years, Mattizzo worked in motion graphics and post production for the likes of Kirch GroupProSieben and Kabel 1 Television.  

One day Baldovino and Antje received the gift of golf lessons from her parents. After their first lesson they became hooked. Mattiazzo describes his addiction as a beautiful virus and something he pursues every chance he gets.  

When Baldovino was introduced to the golf sport he could never have imagined he would one day make such a big impact on the sport!

Realizing that golf fashion lacked the style and creativity that was in his blood, Mattiazzo and his wife founded Duca del Cosma in 2004. He distinctly remembers his first experience at Ispo Fair where other golf shoe manufacturers laughed at and ridiculed his wild colors, eccentric patterns and spikeless soles. It was at this moment that Mattiazzo knew he was going to revolutionize the golf shoe industry.  

Moodboard from previous collection by Baldovino Mattiazzo

In 2016 Duca del Cosma was acquired by Frank and Caroline van Wezel, but Baldovino’s presence remains as strong as ever as the Head of Creative Design. Able to fully utilize his skills and passion, he describes the design process as a total team effort. Through countless pictures, drawings and prototypes no small detail is overlooked when conjuring up new ideas. When asked where he finds his inspiration, Mattiazzo says he travels to fashion events like Premier Vision Paris and Lineappelle where he meticulously studies the latest in materials and design. If history is any indicator of success, both Duca del Cosma and its creative founder, Baldovino Mattiazzo are here to stay. 

Moodboard from previous collection by Baldovino Mattiazzo

The story behind Duca del Cosma

This blog is part of a series of blogs that tell the story behind our brand. You read about our Italian heritage, we tell you our shoes are European made, and now we are taking the time to give you a real life peek behind the scenes. As our dedicated employees are the most important asset of our company, there’s no better way than to start this journey with them. Stay tuned for more!