Indoor training with Bas Slungers

We’ve all had those days. After a long week of working you’ve finally got some time to work on your golf game, but oh no it’s raining cats and dogs outside...

I’m working 7 days a week on my golf game, on rainy days I’ve got to make sure that my trainings are as effective as always. How do I do this? Below you’ll find my favorite things that I do on rainy days.

On the one hand I try to use the weather to work on my skills when playing in the rain, on the other hand I also want to do some standard drills and some work on my technique. These last two can often be practiced better in indoor facilities than in the rain, as you don’t have to fight against the rain or firm wind. 

I like to start the day of with working on my technique, you can very easily do this indoor as the flight of the ball is of less importance now. In the picture below, you can see my favorite set-up for swing work.

Bas Slungers Indoortraining

In the pictures you can see that I am standing on a pressure plate. It’s called Boditrak and it measures all the forces a player puts into the ground and the weigh shifts he makes during the swing. This is really important to me because if the sequencing is off you will always be searching for compensations in the swing.

Furthermore, you can see the white radar at 3 meters straight behind the ball. This radar is called a Flightscope and it measures loads of data which are shown on the tablet and screen. The data will tell you something about only one part of the swing and it’s the only part that matters: the impact. 

You can exactly see in which direction your club is moving, with which speed, the spin you give to the ball, how far the ball is flying and rolling and way more data. In short: my perfect company on rainy days!

When I’m finished with this after a couple of hours of good work I move on to putting drills. In bad weather I prefer doing these drills inside as I want greens that react consistently. In the picture on the next page you can see one out of many set-ups you could make with some tees.

The last thing I would like to do is training my skills in the rain. I put on all the layers of clothes, rain jacket, rain gloves and I start playing some holes in the rain. Because although this might not be the ideal conditions, you will definitely face them more than a few times a year.

Remember, everyone has the same conditions so… Rain can even be in your favor if you are trained and prepared better than the other players! 

(PS: on your Duca’s it isn’t even a fair fight, you will be ahead of all others before the game even started