The Dreams of a Golf Teen

Make way for Fiorella Ghaboli, the young golf talent from Germany

Many golfers recall their teenage years learning the game as some of their most enjoyable time on the course. Fiorella Ghaboli, a 13-year-old golf talent from Germany, is a prime example of how the phase of discovering golf can still be true joy. 

The next Jordan Spieth may be a girl. It could be a player from another country. Such is the universal nature of golf’s appeal and availability today that those learning the game find inspiration in how a player plays as much as who the player is. That’s why Fiorella Ghaboli, a 13-year-old golf talent who plays out of Frankfurter Golf Club in Germany, looks at a 25-year-old Texan on the U.S. PGA Tour and sees inspiration for her game.

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